Citizen astronaut crew splashdown in Atlantic Ocean
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The 4 citizen astronaut crew on the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean safely on Saturday. The mission will be a giant step for tourism.

The crew landed safely off Florida’s coast after completing a 3-day flight into the Earth’s orbit.

Todd “Leif” Ericson, mission director for the Inspiration4 venture, told reporters on a conference call after the crew returned, “Welcome to the second space age.”

The first civilian crew rocket journey was powered by SpaceX who also handled the splashdown recovery operation. The mission ended with the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, called Resilience, parachuted into calm seas around 7 p.m. EDT (2300 GMT).Giant Step For Space TourismThe splash was followed by an automated re-entry descent, nicely captured by a live SpaceX webcast.

The crew of 4 civilian astronauts emerged within an hour, one by one from the capsule’s side hatch. The visibly the vehicle was scorched on its exterior vehicle, was hoisted from the ocean to the deck of a SpaceX recovery vessel.

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