Cyber Attack on Finland Government websites and Airspace Breached as NATO Bid Weighed
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Cyberattack on Finland government websites and airspace breached by Russian aircraft just as speculations mount that it will apply for membership in the NATO alliance. 

According to Finland officials, a Russian aircraft was suspected of violating its airspace. Later this was followed by a cyber attack on  Finland’s Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry websites and other government services. This coincided with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy webcast speech to Finnish lawmakers.

Finland with a 5.5 million population has the longest border with Russia. Has fought two wars with the Soviet Union and has undergone a historical shift in terms of public backing for joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization within a few days following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Sweden is also undergoing a transformation, though the ruling Social Democrats have opposed such a move so far. 

According to Prime Minister Sanna Marin, a white paper will be sent by the Finnish government to the parliament about its changed security environment next week. This will launch a formal process to finalize by the end of June. 

Russia has been repeatedly warning Finland and Sweden against joining NATO. Raising security concerns by both Nordic countries from Moscow. NATO’s Article 5 clause of mutual defense is also applicable to the members. 

The DDoS attack on the website took place at 1 p.m. in Helsinki, according to the government. The countermeasures ensured other sites operated normally after the attack. The cabinet also expelled Russian diplomats, with a Russian embassy employee also denied a visa extension.

There was a warning issued by Finland’s security service last month, concerns over Russia increasing its spying and influence operations against the Nordic country. The authorities said they are investigating a series of airspace violations by Russian civil aircraft that took place in March.

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