Cybersecurity Major Elijah Muhammad Jr. Youngest Black College Student In Oklahoma
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12 year old Cybersecurity Major Elijah Muhammad Jr.  is the youngest black college student in Oklahoma, according to KFor report.

His father Muhammad’s father, Elijah Muhammad Sr. confirmed that he will also be graduating with a high school diploma and a college degree next year.

Prep One Collegiate Academy is a homeschool program led by Muhammad Jr. and his father, who notes that he is following in the footsteps of his siblings. His father thinks that he might be your average pre-teen, but Muhammad Jr., in reality, is currently a high school senior enrolled in three courses at Oklahoma City Community College.

The father of a recent graduate said while talking to the media; “His sister just made history as the youngest graduate from Langston University and Oklahoma Community College with two associate’s degrees on the same day.”

AfroTech reported that Shania Muhammad attended Oklahoma Community College to get an associate degree. She is the youngest student at OKCC to have achieved that goal.

Muhammad Jr. says that his younger classmates were surprised to see him in the class. John was surprised when a group of people asked his age and then reacted with surprise.

As a cybersecurity major, Muhammad Jr. takes courses on computer hardware, computer technology, and computer operating systems.

Muhammad Jr. rose to popularity after breaking his sister’s track and field record. He hopes that the scholarships he earns from winning competitions will help him get a college education.

“I’m very excited about getting scholarships, because I want to go to college and make my family proud. My sister has gotten a couple of scholarships and she was the first one in her family to do it, so now I want to be the second one,” he expressed on Atlanta Black Star.

Muhammad Jr. is the youngest student to attend college in the state and he also beat out the average black high school senior with his 17 composite ACT score.

“When asked if, he is going to an HBCU, Muhammad Sr. replied to APBSTAR with certainty, ‘yes– 100%.’

Muhammad Jr.’s mother, has earned a PhD from Hampton University. She is now an assistant professor and director of operations at Langston University.

Muhammad Jr Future
Muhammad Jr. hasn’t decided where he will attend school, he is keeping his options open.

According to the Atlanta Black Star report, Hampton has a great cybersecurity program, yet the student is still exploring his options.

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