Daymak - Canadian Electric Car maker Starts Mining Bitcoin and Dogecoin
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Daymak, a Canadian light electric car maker starts mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies today with its first prototype of Spiritus.

Viewers can witness this event live on the company youtube channel and monitor the car’s earnings in real-time.

Earlier on June 1, Daymal revealed Spiritus will be capable of mining crypto. The cutting-edge technology is powered by Daymak’s Nebula platform, awaiting its patent approval.

Integrate with a powerful GPU, the Spiritus prototype starts mining crypto when the car is parked. The car features a Nebula Wallet designed to collect and store profits from the miner.

Soon other e-car manufacturers will be able to integrate the Nebula platform in their own vehicles, though they will require to purchase a license for it.

The three-wheel electric car not only offers crypto perks but also offers wireless charging.

Spiritus will hit the roads in 2023, while pre-orders are available at a locked-in price of $18,495 per vehicle.

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