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We will soon witness the formation of the first-ever labor union at a US-based Amazon warehouse after landmark voting. While this is going on deepfake Amazon workers create confusion on Twitter.

These deepfake Amazon workers have Twitter profiles with deepfake photos as profile pictures. These accounts were tweeting some silly comments and were partial on proving how Amazon work practices were bad.

It is not sure if this is a propaganda tactic used by Amazon but certainly is a terrible new anti-union social media strategy. Again the use of deepfake is a matter of huge concern.

The History Behind This Story

People are concerned about the deepfake controversy as back in 2018 Amazon carried out a similar real program. It was conducted to prove to people the company was treating its warehouse workers just right. Computer stations were set up and Twitter accounts for a small group of employees called Amazon FC Ambassadors were created.

This group would tweet about all the good things about their job and how well they were paid. According to Aric Toler, the head of investigative journalism site Bellingcat’s training and research efforts, the plan backfired as fake Twitter accounts were created and the real accounts were suspended or shut down.

Present Times

On Monday many deepfake Twitter accounts started showing up. Accounts with deepfake profile pictures like warped earrings and blurry backgrounds.

People quickly held Amazon responsible for the new deepfake accounts as part of an anti-union campaign. Amazon has made it clear they are not behind the incident.

Many of the new deepfake accounts have been registered using Gmail accounts and posted via the Twitter Web App. Most of the content tweet via these accounts was humorous. Most like these accounts have been created to mock Amazon.

Precautions taken

Many of the users are aware of deepfake, they are better equipped to understand the fake from the real. According to Sam Gregory, the program director of human rights nonprofit Witness,
“The giveaway is not that you’ve somehow interrogated the image. It’s that you look at the account and it was created a week ago, or it’s a journalist who claims to be a journalist, but they’ve never written anything else that you could find on a Google search.

Advances in deepfake technology and awareness of the people will certainly help resolve the issues. The Twitter account underwent checking of the accounts emails and tweet details and were termed as fake and simply by going through the profile images.