Destiny 2 Cross-Play Beta Arrives Next Week
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Destiny 2 Cross-Play Beta arrives next week, the cross-play will be turned on for a brief period.

The cross-play in Destiny 2 was turned on accidentally last week at the launch of Season of the Splicer. This was a short-lived joy for fans of Destiny 2, as the feature was taken down as it was not ready for the launch.

Now it turns out that Bungie has been working on the feature and we may soon get to see the Cross-Play beta arriving next week.

You can now enjoy the cross-play beta which will be available from May 25 to 27 on all platforms. There will be a specific Vanguard Strikes Cross-Play Beta playlist where cross-play will be available. The only place where the cross-platform matchmaking will be turned on.

According to Bungie, data from those days will be used to test matchmaking. Further players won’t be able to create cross-platform parties, outside of those automatically created by the playlist.

In case you complete three strikes in the dedicated playlist, you can earn the Stars Crossed emblem, a unique reward for taking part. Officially cross-play will arrive with Season 15 later this year.

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