Disney Working on NFTs Blockchain Metaverse and DeFi
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Disney working on NFT’s Blockchain, Metaverse, and DeFi.  The mass media and entertainment conglomerate has hired a top lawyer for NFT-based technologies.

The multinational company has announced on its career website, it is looking for someone to provide legal advice to Corporate Transactions, Emerging Technologies & NFTs” this includes assistance with transactions including NFTs, the Metaverse, blockchain, and decentralized finance (DeFi). The person in question will be tasked with ensuring compliance with US and international laws.

Other jobs include due diligence for projects related to new technologies, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrencies.

Interest in the fields of NFT, cryptocurrency and Web3 will make it hard for Disney to say no. Disney plans to speed up its new projects and underline that they may need to take on a more aggressive timeline.

Disney Earlier Experience in Crypto Space
The Walt Disney Company is gradually changing their position in the crypto, Blockchain and 3D online space.

CEO Bob Chapek during the fourth quarter earnings call in November 2021, said they were working on merging physical and digital assets in the Metaverse.

The company also applied for a patent for a “virtual-world simulator” weeks after the article was published.

Disney is intending to open an immersive technology which would allow visitors to create 3D effects using their mobile phones, according to the patent application. The job posting suggests a Virtual Reality patent is about to be used.

Disney is investing in AR, NFTs, and AI to create a “growth-stage” program. They’ve selected six firms to take advantage of their business development platform under the Disney Accelerator Program, launched earlier this year. 

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling platform for Web3 which allows users to discover NFTs with AR. Flickplay, which is also for Web3 application, enables creators to discover NFTs through augmented reality (AR). Lockerverse helps to create stories and brands for Web3 by linking creators and brands.

Disney Web3 Adoption
Many people are still skeptical about NFTs and the Metaverse, owing to high technical barriers to entry and a lack of usability across specific platforms. The speculation in this market is also another problem, with collectibles demanding high prices. The environmental impact of Proof-of-Work blockchains has been mitigated by Ethereum’s change from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

Disney already creates so much content that is consumed on YouTube and other digital platforms. However, Disney will never have as many employees to be able to make all the content for consumers, especially when it needs new ideas. This is where AI comes in.

While the details of Disney’s NFT are not yet known, it’s important that they post this type of job listing. If more companies implement this framework people will be more accepting of the change.

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