Dubai Metaverse Assembly Kicks off Today
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The Dubai Metaverse Assembly kicks off today, an event organised by the Dubai Future Foundation (DDF). 300 delegates from more than 40 global organisations will be part of this first of its kind regional event.

This event will be hosted by speakers from large companies such as Binance, Meta, Mastercard, The Sandbox, and more.

Experts from all over the world at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, will be introduced to the future of virtual worlds, and other different ideas to explore. 

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, Deputy Managing Director of Dubai Future Foundation said, 

“Through this inaugural event, we highlight the extraordinary potential of this immersive world to accelerate economic growth, drive innovation and create a fundamentally better future for humanity.” 

This immersive world has the potential to accelerate economic growth, drive innovation, and create a better future for humanity. Dubai Metaverse Assembly has the best speakers, who will focus on marketing exploration, VR and augmented reality, esports, healthcare and other industries that can benefit from virtualization.

One of the region’s largest specialised flagship events will explore the digital economy. Governments, businesses and the international leaders in attendance will share how virtual education, e-commerce, medicine, art and other digital assets can unlock the potential of the metaverse.

More than 25 sessions will take place so that you can find out more about developing the industry that may exceed $30 trillion in 15 years. The world’s leading experts on the metaverse will be converging on Dubai, and you’ll have the opportunity to hear them speak and learn about this technology.

According to Keith Jordan, Vice President of Innovation at Mastercard Labs, Mastercard, “the ramifications earned by upcoming technologies will have a far-reaching and largely unexplored effect on every facet of life, especially as we move into the Metaverse.”

Binance has shown support for the Dubai Metaverse Assembly as an ideal platform for their contributions.

The Dubai Metaverse Assembly is the first event of its kind since Emirati Minister of the Future, H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, approved Dubai’s Metaverse Strategy in July.

The strategy has the goal to add an additional $4 billion in GDP by 2030, and attract 1,000 companies to build a top 10 metaverse economy with Dubai.

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