Electrify America Introduces New Naming Standard Hyper-Fast and Ultra-Fast to Rebrand its 350kW and 150kW Chargers 
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North American EV fast-charging network Electrify America introduces new naming standard Hyper-Fast and Ultra-Fast to rebrand its 350kW and 150kW chargers. Making it easy to differentiate its charging levels for consumers. 

Furthermore, the latest generation of Electrify America DC fast chargers will include a new “Balanced” technology in which power is evenly distributed to multiple EVs at once to maximize speeds and provide at least 150 kW of “ultra-fast” charging. Could this set a new standard for all EV charging networks in North America?

United States fast chargers have grown exponentially. Electrify America, has plans to expand across the country by 2026 and hopes to have 10,000 fast-chargers available and in service by that date.

This company is delivering on their promise to offer a lot of power, and they’ve even set a standard. Other companies have called “ultra-fast” anything over 50 kW, but Electrify America has set the bar even higher at 350 kW.

Consumers are requiring higher-speed charging rates as more and faster EV’s are on the roads.Electrify America Introduces New Naming Standard Hyper-Fast and Ultra-Fast to Rebrand its 350kW and 150kW Chargers _1Not everyone has the same knowledge when it comes to the power levels and charging rates.

To avoid confusion about the power level of charging sites, Electrify America has introduced a new naming system that levels the approximate charge time. The branding is backed by intuitive technology that will both help drivers understand and maximize the time spent at a Fast Chargers.

Electrify America’s new chargers are redesigned inside and out.

Electrify America has explored the use of DC charging stations that are capable of providing 150 kW and above.

Some of the success of this nomenclature can be attributed to US legislation using it in programs such as National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.

Electrify America introduced a system to make the difference between quick and ultra-fast charging clear, with different colors for different power levels.

This new system has three labeled speeds: Regular, Turbo, and Hyper-fast. It can charge up to 350 kW, meaning you can travel up to 20 miles in a minute while you’re charging your car.

The teal label with two bolt icons indicates that power is delivered up to 150 kW, and depending on the capabilities of a given EV, can give you anywhere from nine to fifteen miles per minute of charging.Electrify America Introduces New Naming Standard Hyper-Fast and Ultra-Fast to Rebrand its 350kW and 150kW Chargers _2Other handy new features in the app

Electrify America also shared that their chargers will have NFC labels attached identifying where to tap in order to start the payment process.

The electric car chargers have an identification code, however they are now higher so you can swipe to start the charger more easily.

Electrify America has their chargers with a QR code generator that customers can scan, which will provide them with instructions on how to charge, help troubleshoot why they might not be able to charge, and show them the cost of the charger.

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