Creepy Webcam that looks like Human Eye
Reading Time: 2 minutes

This creepy webcam looks like a human eye, designed by researcher Marc Teyssier. The Eyecam looks similar to an eye is a social project which aims to turn a normal camera into something more relatable.

The Eyecam not only comes covered with faux flesh and has eyebrows and eyelashes, but it also behaves like one. The eyeball can pivot inside the eye socket to look around the room.

The creepy-looking device is powered by facial recognition software in the background that detects humans and looks directly into their eyes. In Fact, the eyeball also tends to move and jitter around like a human eye.

The Eyecam does not stay still, it scans and looks at your face and moves its focus from your left and right eye. Does it blink? Oh yes, it also blinks and makes you conscious of it gazing into your eyes.

Certainly goes to show how creepy tech can be at times. The tech is still in its experimental stages. We don’t know if it will even make it to the real world, but the demo was impressive and incredibly scary.Eyecam

The Eyecam aims at understanding, decoding, and tweaking the human-tech relationship. It behaves identical to how a human eye would, it even closes its eyelids. This will certainly make you feel at ease while you are around it.

You can also build your own Eyecam from scratch, grab the documents of the entire process with hardware and software files available on Github.

Time will tell if we get used to this new human tech relationship like we are holding smartphones against our faces. Till then we have to wait to see what happens when the camera adopts a human appearance. Will you change your behavior if the surveillance around you felt more real.