Facebook and Instagram Might be keeping your partners away from Pornhub
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Facebook and Instagram might be keeping your partners away from Pornhub. According to Pornhub users stream more than 960 gigabytes of porn on the platform by the time you finish reading this sentence. A phenomenal spike is witnessed on the website when social networks experience downtime.

Pornhub further mentioned, that its viewership stands at 120 gigabytes in just one second. This figure jumps by 10% when social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram go offline.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp experienced an outage, earlier in October 2021 resulting in a nearly 10.5% surge in Pornhub’s traffic 

Back in March 2019, during a similar social media network outage, there was a spike of around 11% on the Pornhub website. While the outage continued this spike further expanded to around 19% by evening.

In another strange incident in 2018, the pornsite witnessed a decline of nearly 77% when residents of Hawaii received a false alarm of a missile strike via text message. Later between  8:07 am and 9:01 am the pornsite experienced a surge of 48% above typical levels.

According to the South African rehabilitation center, which assists sufferers overcome porn addiction among other addictions, there are a number of factors that contribute to the spike in porn consumption when popular online sites and social networks go down. 

Easy accessibility and free content available make porn more engaging during social media outages, according to Taku Mhonyera, admissions manager at the Crossroads Recovery Centre, which facilitates recovery from porn addiction, among other treatments.

He further added, “It’s all about connecting. If people aren’t connecting on social networks, they engage on Pornhub, which becomes a fantasy world which becomes entertaining and engaging.”

He further said that now-adult websites are using aggressive marketing tactics against the severe psychological impacts brought by the consumption of porn. Porn addiction is not easy to cope with but sufferers should realize they are not alone.

He concluded by saying, “Our center is one example of a treatment facility for this type of addiction, while local support groups are accessible locally to assist people in helping combat their addiction.”

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