Facebook Posts Offering Endangered Wildlife for Sale
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According to Avaaz, a US-based campaign group, Facebook posts are offering endangered wildlife for sale on its platform. 

The campaign group discovered that social media has become a thriving marketplace for such activities after uncovering around 129 posts listing endangered species that were up for sale. The listings included baby tigers, African gray parrots, and the pygmy marmoset, the world’s smallest monkey.

Ruth Delbaere, a senior legal campaigner with Avaaz said, “Avaaz’s research shows that, on Facebook, wildlife trafficking takes place in broad daylight. By insufficiently enforcing its own policies, Facebook is enabling an international trade that has devastating effects on biodiversity and the stability of natural ecosystems.”

According to Facebook guidelines, content that seeks to buy, sell, trade, donate or gift endangered species or their parts is prohibited. 

A Facebook spokesperson said, “The results don’t reflect the extensive work we’ve done to combat wildlife trafficking on Facebook. The company has introduced technology to find and remove such content, and to warn users who search for it. This is an adversarial space though, and the people behind this awful activity are persistent and constantly evolving their tactics to try to evade those efforts.”

Amidst claims of the virus that causes Covid19 might have crossed the species barrier from bats to humans via China’s extensive animal trading network, illegal wildlife trafficking has been under the spotlight. 

China has been cracking down on all kinds of trading of all kinds of wildlife for food since 2020. Also, a law has been passed by the Chinese Supreme Court, which suggests legal efforts to combat trafficking should cover the entire criminal supply chain, from poaching to processing.

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