Facebook Telegram Fined by Russia for Failing to Delete Content
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Facebook, Twitter has been fined 6 million roubles ($81,350) and 11 million roubles respectively by the Russian court for failing to delete illegal content.

The capital of Russia has introduced regulations in a bid to curb the power of social media and tech giants.

Putin has laws placed which force foreign social media giants to open social media giants offices in Russia and impose small fines for content violation.

Facebook has been imposed a 6 million roubles fine by Moscow’s Tagansky District Court. The fines were imposed for two different administrative offenses related to stipulations that website owners delete banned information or face penalties.

Telegram on the other hand was fined 11 million roubles for three different offenses.

Earlier last week British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a meeting with representatives of social media companies, warned they will face fines amounting to 10% of their global revenues unless they get hate and racism off their platforms.

Fines will be levied on Twitter as well by Thursday by the Russian court on two similar accusations. The platform has been subjected to a punitive slowdown in Russia since March.

Facebook and Telegram have not commented on the current developments.

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