Facebook and Twitter
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Facebook and Twitter have been warned by the Indian Government to stay clear of spreading fake news or any information that provoked violence.

Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology, during the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha said action will be taken if Indian laws are flaunted by such entities. He made it clear that social platforms like Twitter and Facebook need to comply with Indian rules while running their business.

He further stated, “We respect social media a lot, it has empowered common people. Social media has a big role in the Digital India program. However, if social media are misused to spread fake news and violence, then action will be taken on the misuse of social media in India whether Twitter or else.”

He insisted social media platforms need to comply with the constitution of India. He said the constitution of India states, you can criticize the government or the Prime Minister but spreading fake news is not allowed.

According to him already a few issues have been discussed with Twitter and other social media. They will have to consider following the Indian Laws if they wish to do business in the country.

He further added there cannot be different parameters for different countries. Referring to an incident that took place at Capitol Hill and the Red Fort incident in India.