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Firefox browser offers a feature that allows you to limit the amount of tracking websites. Though this may sometimes lead to slowing down websites from loading or at times webpages may break. Mozilla Firefox has introduced the Firefox SmartBlock Feature to fix this issue with its latest Firefox 87 release.

Let’s understand what is the purpose of having SmartBlock on Firefox 87 and how to use it on your device.

What is Firefox SmartBlock?

Firefox SmartBlock is an intelligent tracking mechanism for Firefox Private Browsing and Strict mode. The StrictMode allows users to prevent various tracking activities from social media trackers, cross-site cookies, crypto miners, fingerprints, etc.

Generally, trackers like these are known to monitor user activity and collect data. This helps various tech giants to understand the patterns of individuals while they browse the internet and helps in offering better ads for business gains.

An example of SmartBlock in action. Previously (left), the website had poor loading performance in Private Browsing windows in Firefox because of an incompatibility with strong Tracking Protection. With SmartBlock (right), the website loads properly again, while you are still fully protected from trackers found on the page.

Users sometimes end up breaking up some webpages in an attempt to block trackers. This is where SmartBlock comes into play, it prevents the webpages from breaking and also blocks the trackers.

It provides local stand-ins for blocked third-party tracking scripts. This means it adds scripts that are similar to the original tracking scripts. This reduces the amount of breakage on a webpage, though the stand-in scripts don’t track your activity and are not associated with any third-party website.

How to enable SmartBlock on Firefox 87?

SmartBlock feature comes preloaded with the Firefox browser. It works in the background and uses the Strict Mode or Private Browsing Mode. On detecting a website tracker that is present on the Disconnect Tracking Protection List it automatically shifts.
You can enjoy the latest SmartBlock on your browser with the latest Firefox 87 version of the browser which you can download from the official website.