Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022 - How To Complete Lantern Trials
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Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022, is a special event on Fortnite for the entire month of April. During this event street of Fortnite will light up with lanterns and players will get the opportunity to engage in Lantern Trials that will earn them unique rewards. In this article, we will discuss how you can complete Lantern Trails in the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022. 

The Fortnite Lantern Fest will be packed with all sorts of activities, challenges, and free rewards.

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022 –  Lantography
Going with the theme of the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022, the streets will be shining with the hanging at various points of interest in Fortnite. Players can take a screenshot of these lanterns and submit it on Twitter to be eligible for the Cameo Needs Loot! Emoticons. Use the hashtag #Lantography2022 hashtag, the shots will be selected by Epic games as winners. 

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022 – Lantern Trials
During the Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022, players will participate in the Lantern Trials. These are a series of in-game challenges attached to Lantern Fest. On completing the Lantern Trials player will earn free rewards. 

Lantern Trails Quest for Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022

  • Eliminations with an IO Tank
  • Deal Damage to Opponents
  • Make it to Top 7 in Duos
  • Survive Storm Circles
  • Make it to Top 6 in Squads

The list has a bunch of basic challenges which can be achieved via standard gameplay. The Duos and Squads quest will require you to gang up with your friends and ensure you 

This list consists of pretty basic challenges, most of which can be done naturally through standard gameplay. You’ll want to grab some friends for the Duos and Squads quests. 

Fortnite Lantern Fest 2022 – Rewards
Players participating in the Fortnite Lantern Trials will earn unique rewards as they progress through the challenges. Fortnite has not yet officially revealed much about the Lantern Trials. Epic Games earlier mentioned the introduction of a “special cooking emote” linked with the famous Turkish chef and restaurateur, CZN Burak, though this information has vanished from the post. Stay tuned with us to get information about the emote we mentioned and various sprays, emoticons, and/or wraps.

Power Shong Locker Bundle
The partnership with Middle Eastern content creator Power Shong, AKA, SHoNgxBoNg, Epic Games has introduced the Power Shong Locker Bundle. Fortnite Cosmetics in Power Shong Locker BundleFortnite Cosmetics in Power Shong Locker Bundle

  • Shadow Ops (+Prospect Back Bling)
  • Astral Axe
  • Burning Beast
  • Daydream

The Power Shong Locker Bundle will hit the Item Shop on April 19 at 1pm GMT. 

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