Fortnite Will Quit China As Beijing Intensifies Video Game Crackdown
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Fortnite will quit China as Beijing intensifies video game crackdown. Epic Games made this announcement on its website, that it will shut down its local Chinese version on Nov 15. 

The gaming platform has not mentioned any specific reason behind its decision to shut down Fortnite in China. Fortnite users in China will be prevented from registering on Fortnite starting from Nov 1.

The Chinese version of the game was available under the title “Fortress Night” in collaboration with Tencent. The Chinese tech giant is a significant investor in Epic and owns around 40% stake in the company. 

Fortnite was actually never launched fully in China, it was only playable in a test mode while some of its features remained excluded from the main version like in-app purchases.

 Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners in a tweet said, “The battle royale genre has been strictly regulated in China. The domestic games that are approved there have heavy content changes.”

China has been known to keep control over the video game sector. All games in China need to go through a strict approval system before rolling out for the public. While things are even stringent when it involves western titles. 

Earlier last year the Chinese government introduced strict rules which limited playing time for users under 18, they were allowed to play online only for 3 hours per week. 

Epic is not the only company to bow out of China, more recently software giant Microsoft-owned LinkedIn also shut shop in China due to fierce regulatory crackdown on the tech sector.

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