GameStop Adds NFT Trading Cards To Loyalty Program As It pushes into Digital World
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GameStop will now offer NFT Trading Cards for a virtual game Gods Unchained as a bonus for loyalty program members. A positive move with GameStop venturing deeper into crypto-centered web.

With GameStop struggling to transform its business, the latest venture with cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens, which are unique digital assets, will be decisive. Earlier in September the gaming company collaborated with cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

GameStop’s new CEO and chair have been changing their divisions from physical net stores to digital shopping, where they hope to be successful with new features like pre-orders and trading games. GameStop shares have increased in value from a few dollars to $80 in early 2021, from an activist investor of Bed Bath & Beyond.

The company is still reporting widening losses, but Alex Furlong has doubled down on the pivot and invested more in digital ventures.

Gods Unchained is a digital trading card game built on the ethereum blockchain. The player can own, trade and sell in-game assets from the cost of the game. The creation of Chris Clay, who directs digital iterations for Magic: The Gathering. They’ve spent 74 billion on in-game purchases this year.

GameStop has partnered with Gods Unchained where players can buy and trade their in-game currency, $GODS, using the GameStop NFT market to provide a less volatile store of value.

Existing customers will get a code that they can redeem on September 27th to grab NFT trading cards.

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