Glass Microbiology From Luke Jerram An Accurate Creation of Bacteria and Viruses
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The Glass Microbiology is an amazing piece of art and accurate creation of bacteria and viruses by designer Luke Jerram. The world has been affected by the ongoing pandemic for the last couple of years and it has drastically changed our lives. 

We all have spent countless hours researching to gather information about the Covid 19 virus in particular. Maybe on Google, YouTube, etc just to know what the virus would look like in videos or sketches. 

Luke Warm is a British sculptor, known for a series of creations called Glass Microbiology 2004. It is his attempt to not just make a basic interpretation of all kinds of bacteria and viruses but to give a more realistic and accurate representation of the viruses. Glass Microbiology From Luke Jerram An Accurate Creation of Bacteria and Viruses-1His glass creations include everything from swine flu, to smallpox, to ebola. In 2020, he was commissioned by Duke University to create a glass sculpture to help the public better understand the SARS-COV-2 virus by visualizing it.

Since glass is transparent and brings tension to the viewer, Jerram picked the material to create his microbiology series. The creations are beautiful though they represent something that can destroy our bodies. The work starts with the collection of scientific diagrams and electron microscopic images from a special camera. These are transformed into technical drawings and later shaped into reality by scientific glassblowers or lampworkers.Glass Microbiology From Luke Jerram An Accurate Creation of Bacteria and Viruses-2

The entire process starts with the use of cold borosilicate glass to create glass sculptures. It is melted over the flame and stretched and shaped according to the technical drawing to the desired form.  

The material used in his creation is the same that is used for material test tubes. Though the procedure to produce Glass Microbiology is not the same as traditional glassblowing, since it used molten glass to start with. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine glass sculpture is Jerram’s latest collection. 

Jerram’s earlier collection includes the moon sculptures, these are scientifically more accurate than the ones that we see in the art. According to Jerram under the “Play me, I’m Yours”  they managed to bring more than 2,000 pianos to various public places around the world.

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