Google Assistant will Simply Stop Talking if you Say  'STOP'
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Google Assistant will simply stop talking if you say  ‘STOP’, no need to say “Hey Google” before that. 

Google in a tweet said it will bring this small but quality of life improvement to its speakers and smart displays. 

At times it takes time to communicate with the Assistant and may require you to repeat the command over and over with “Hey Google” which at times can be annoying. With the latest development from Google, you are no longer required to say “Hey Google” before you give a command. 

Google has been testing this feature to issue voice commands without wake words on Android since last year. The project was codenamed Guacamole” which provides the ability to cancel alarms simply by saying “Stop.” 

Another project Google worked on prior to this one was codenamed “Blue Steel“, it offered users a way to Assistant by proximity alone. The voice AI’s interface automatically pops when you move close to a smart display without having to say anything. 

It is not yet clear if the latest Google feature is the outcome of the earlier experiments, though it’s nice to have the new feature that can stop Assistant from talking.

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