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Even as we all are trying to cope with the pandemic one thing that has not slowed down is shopping online. Google today launched the Best Things for Everything, it is a shopping guide that features 1000 products.

The latest offering by Google is a “pop-up microsite” featuring 1000 products. The products listed are claimed to be the top products available on the internet.

The microsite offers eight product categories which include tech, home, parenting, and more. The design is cool and once you pick an item you are interested in you can click to view information. The information provided includes product descriptions, prices, reviews, and where it’s available IRL.

According to Google spokesperson, Google discovered people’s interest in products such as “best exercise bikes” and “best air fryers” has increased 100% when compared with last year. The products included are based on similar studies.

The Best Things for Everything guide is a broader look at products on the internet. It is made up of what terms people search for, where people talk about products online, and the specific product pages people visit most. Many of the products that made their way to the guide come with editorial reviews from some publications you read and trust.

You can visit the Best Things for Everything Guide if you are looking for something quick and reliable. It is certainly a handy tool that allows you to research a number of products quickly. You can also view what others have been buying for the last year.

The Google best things for everything guide will not be a permanent fixture, so would advise not to get too attached to it. It will be around for a few weeks for sure, we never know if it is a trial run and it manages to stay a bit longer.

Let’s wait and watch and share your thoughts about the new Google tool in the comments section below.