Google Depreciates Chrome Data Saver Feature
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Google will depreciate the Chrome Data Saver feature, a feature introduced for the mobile version of Chrome browser in 2014.

Google introduced the Data Saver feature with the aim to save data by rerouting web requests through a SPDY proxy to optimize content and re-encoding images to shrink them. Additionally, it also trimmed the fat from carelessly-coded HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Data Saver was enabled as an opt-in feature that routed traffic through Google’s Safe Browsing filters that aimed to stop malicious web pages from making their way into mobile devices.

Google in a post back then mentioned the feature was introduced to reduce data usage and save money on your mobile plan. But now with rival browsers Opera also introduced similar features. It also mentioned that in the US alone more than a fifth of adult smartphone users is using mobile devices to browse the internet. A similar trend is being witnessed across the world. 

Nowadays we see mobile devices are the dominant source of the traffic to most websites. Mobile sites are getting optimized for mobile networks offering a speedy experience. With mobile data services offering gigabytes of downloads per month, some even offer unlimited downloads. Slow speed on mobile devices seems to be history, Data Saver has changed too – it’s now known as “Lite Mode”

According to Chrome support manager Craig Tumblison’s announcement regarding Data Saver’s demise, “In recent years we’ve seen a decrease in cost for mobile data in many countries, and we’ve shipped many improvements to Chrome to further minimize data usage and improve web page loading.”

Data has become cheap these days. Which makes it sensible for Lite Mode and Data Saver to pass in history with the release of Chrome M100 on March 29. Tumblison added, users will not miss the features and won’t even notice it’s not there. 

He said, “Although Lite mode is going away, we remain committed to ensuring Chrome can deliver a fast webpage loading experience on mobile.” 

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