Google Maps helps Italian Police Nab Mafia Fugitive
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Italian police manage to nab a top mafia fugitive with the help of Google Maps. Gioacchino Gammino, 61, was tracked down in Galapagar, Spain, where he lived with a fake name and was captured after two years of investigation. 

The Police managed to identify him with the Google Maps street view picture while he was standing in front of a fruit shop which triggered further investigation leading to his arrest. 

According to Nicola Altiero, deputy director of the Italian anti-mafia police unit (DIA), “The photogram helped us to confirm the investigation we were developing in traditional ways.”

Gammino was a member of a Sicilian mafia group called Stidda. He has earlier escaped from Rome’s Rebibbia jail in 2002  and in 2003 was sentenced to life imprisonment for a murder committed several years earlier.

Currently, the fugitive is under custody in Spain and hopefully will be back in Italy by the end of February. 

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