Google Sues an Alleged Puppy Scammer
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Google sues an alleged puppy scammer for taking money for puppies that were never delivered. The search giant filed a lawsuit in California federal court on Monday against this person. This is just the start as Google plans to take similar actions in the future. 

A man from Cameroon ran a network of websites as part of his “multiple international non-delivery scams”. He used Google services to communicate with the victims or receive payment, especially for Basset hounds and other “adorable puppies.”

According to Google, the websites exploited the Covid 19 pandemic situation, leading to a huge demand for puppies in the U.S. Additionally the puppy scammer violated Google’s terms of service. His operations cost Google “substantial resources in excess of $75,000 to investigate and remediate.”

The email address mentioned in the comment section of the website linked to the puppy websites did not immediately yield a response. $75000 is like pennies for the search giant, though there is plenty to be gained by punishing alleged international scammers and protecting potential pet owners who fall victim to the cute dog pictures of dogs they never receive. 

As far as the puppy scam goes it outnumbered apple pie in terms of popular causes, with many American citizens being sympathetic dog parents, the stats speak thanks to COVID-19.

Google had earlier sued, botnets and alleged fraudsters who impersonated the company

According to a Federal Trade Commission report in 2021, people lost $770 million in social media scams alone, especially romance hoaxes.

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