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HovR, a project developed on the Qi blockchain, launched a fee-sharing NFT marketplace alongside a new gaming NFT collection. The open sea had 5Bn USD in sales for January 2022, but with a 15% revenue share plan, this is potentially much more. 

The Trade section of the website can be risky, but it’s exciting and profitable. If you want to protect against investment risks, HovR offers a sustainable and long-term growth option. Web 3.0 domains are created on their platform, which complies with global intellectual property law.

HovR has a low gas fee, which encourages trading and discourages investors. HovR also rewards users for referrals, in addition to rewarding them for the trades they make on the platform.

HovR is a blockchain company that seeks to use its NFT technology as a way to store legal documents, such as wills.

HovR is a platform where users will be able to buy the best Non-Fungible Tokens. The best founders are involved, who will have the opportunity to be rewarded for their creativity.

HovR has created NFTs of 10,000 plus cities around the world and is releasing games that’ll make these tokens in demand. The first one is Pawsome 3D Dog Racing, which allows you to gain digital ownership of a pet – your dog!

HovR’s platform will allow users to generate a passive income that continues even when they are not participating, and the MLM model employed by HovR is the industry that makes the most millionaires.

How to get the most out of HovR?

In multi-level marketing, the last person to join will be linked to the first person who joined and the first person will gain a percentage of the sales commission earned by the last person.

Referral levels work up to 5. So, John would not see any of the profits made by the people Robert invited.

HOvR’s network-based commission system incentivizes users to grow their vast network. If the network is extensive enough, HOvR will even share revenue with its active users.

John receives 50% of the $49,250 from his friends that he invited. John will not make any money from selling his own NFTs because the minimum cost to buy an NFT is $1000.

The steps required to reach levels 4 and 5 are where HovR provides an infrastructure for users to build strong businesses, scaling their business in the community.

Members can pay 25 Qie coins to upgrade to Level 2 and receive a commission on the sales made by people they refer. Levels 3, 4, and 5 have a lower commission of 10%. HovR provides a US$50,000 global business opportunity rather than MLM.

If you refer creative, talented content creators to use the HovR marketplace, your commissions will be higher for selling products that fetch a higher value. If you refer to the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Collection, it will have a 30% referral commission of 2.5%.

HovR is giving away FREE tokens to anyone who joins and buys NFTs. You could also earn tokens if you have a persuasive personality, or if you’re an expert at minting.

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