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The popularity of 5G is growing and all of you would be anxious to know about how major carriers in the US are coping with 5G. In this article, we will focus on three carriers and see how they are fairing.

According to Opensignal in a report, shares the latest 5G experience today, 5G customers enjoy with all the three major carriers across the US.

The reports mentioned tests being conducted between June 14th and September 11th. The tests suggest T-Mobile averages a whopping 118.7 Mbps in download speeds when connected to its 5th generation mobile network. This is more than double that of Verizon who achieved just around 56 Mbps. While AT&T was even worse than Verizon at 51.5 Mbps.

Again T-Mobile was at the top spot for its upload speed averaging 16.1 Mbps. Verizon finished second with 14.4 Mbps and AT&T was at 9.7 Mbps. Though the upload speed for T-Mobile does not show a considerable difference when you compare it with the rest. opensignal-chart-october-2021T-Mobile again topples them all with its over availability and reach, with users spending 34.7% of their time on a 5G connection. Verizon follows next with 16.4%, while AT&T users only experienced it 9.7% of the time.

T-Mobile stands out as a clear winner, with its brand new 600Mhz band to use exclusively for 5G, following up with the mid-band 2.5Ghz it acquired in the Sprint merger. While the competition continued to use their existing bands at first, giving T-Mobile a head start.

When it comes to speed, T-Mobile again is a clear winner, while Verizon keeps the number one spot for “5G Video Experience”, “5G Games Experience”, and “5G Voice Experience”.

On the other hand, AT&T is placed second in games and voice experience, and T-Mobile scored second in the video experience.

According to Opensignal, T-Mobile quantifies a variety of factors, such as video loading times and buffering, ping/jitter and packet loss, and call quality, to determine an overall score in these categories. While AT&T did not win in any category.

Earlier Verizon was picked for best 5G video experience, while AT&T scored worse this time in a number of categories. This goes to show they need to make changes to their network configuration or other issues with their 5G network.

You can also contribute to the statistics and metrics Opensignal uses, download the company’s app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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