Humanoid Optimus Robot Showcases at Tesla’s AI Day
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We can expect to see the Humanoid Optimus Robot at this years Tesla’s “AI Day. On Friday Elon Musk said the robot business is worth much more than Tesla cars as he plans to showcase the Optimus robot prototype to the investors, customers and potential workers athe AI event. 

The Optimus  Robot is expected to be the star of the AI show, though the CEO will also discuss the future of Tesla cars’ long delayed self-driving technology. 

The car maker most valuable in the world, Ford, faces regulatory investigations and technological hurdles, as well as the possibility of being worth nothing without full self-driving capability. The CEO said that it would have been worthless without full self-driving capability and grew to be the world’s most valuable company by market cap with this technology.

Elon Musk is hosting an event at the end of the week to recruit engineers. He has promised lots of demonstrations and detailed speeches to promote his products at this event.

The demonstrations of Tesla are mixed. The launches typically draw cheers, but in 2019, when Musk had an employee hurl a steel ball at the armoured window of a new electric pickup truck, the glass cracked.

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The test for the robot is whether it can handle more unpredictable situations.

The event was delayed as Elon Musk wanted to ensure that the prototype for the AI humanoid robot is already functional and realistic in appearance.

Building a machine that can manipulate objects won’t happen anytime soon, according to Heni Ben Amor. Tesla hinted about the unveiling of a bot on social media and showed a picture of metal robotic hands forming a heart shape.

Initially, Optimus was an allusion to the powerful and benevolent leader of the Autobots in the Transformer franchise.

“AI can’t do what you can do with dexterity and creativity,” said Jonathan Hurst, CTO of Agility Robotics. Robotic robots don’t have the dexterity or creativity of human beings.

In the future, robots could be used in homes to make dinners, mow lawns and care for seniors. They might also develop into companions or sex partners.

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