Hyperion plans to Start Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure with Mobile Stations
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Hyperion, a hydrogen supercar manufacturer has plans to start hydrogen fuel infrastructure with mobile stations. The company will build these yacht-styled mobile hydrogen stations across the United States and will generate fuel on-site.

Hydrogen fuel is a good alternative to EVs as we are not even close to producing the amount of lithium required for electric cars in the coming decades. Though many EV owners will not like the idea of getting to gas stations when you can simply charge up your vehicle at home or work. 

There are around  72,296 gas stations across the United States, while just 107 hydrogen fueling stations in the USA, including private fleet facilities. While Australia has just three tank-filling options for Nexo and Mirai drivers. Countries like Japan and Korea are fuel cell vehicle proponents only have 166 and 34 stations up and running, respectively.Hyperion plans to Start Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure with Mobile Stations_1 Hyperion has announced it will be venturing into the fuel business, two years after the launch of its XP-1, a hydrogen-powered electric supercar. The supercar offers an incredible range of over a thousand miles (~1,600 km) to a tank.

Hyperion has come up with an idea to build mobile fuel stations, quitting the traditional idea of building fuel stations. The latest offering means the fuel stations can be towed anywhere. The idea behind this is to lure people to get into a yacht, which in fact is a hydrogen pump. It is designed to

Hyperion plans to Start Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure with Mobile Stations_2

 produce its own hydrogen, compress it, and store it.Limited information is available about this yacht-styled hydrogen pump, it will be parked in a place with access to fresh water to run through the electrolyzer. The mobile fuel station will feature five “sun-tracking solar panels” on the roof.

The mobile stations will be easy to use as customers can use touchscreens and tap-to-pay, and the fuel fillers will self-sanitize under UV light between fill-ups. Additionally, they can be used as fast-charge stations for battery-electric cars as well, quick enough to get most cars from 0-80% in around 20 minutes. According to Hyperion, they want to send them out to disaster zones to serve as emergency power sources where required.Hyperion plans to Start Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure with Mobile Stations_3These Hyper fuel mobile stations will be manufactured in the company’s Ohio unit and launched across the USA in 2023. They will ideally be placed at existing gas stations, car parks of big shopping malls, and other high-traffic areas.Hyperion plans to Start Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure with Mobile Stations_5There are different ways of getting hydrogen fueling stations up and running. Hyperion’s way is to use trailers as docking stations that can be moved around easily. They don’t need to buy land or sign long-term agreements; if they’re not getting used, they can just be shifted somewhere else. I can’t wait to see how they communicate these moves to customers so people know when their favorite station has been relocated.

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