Infinity Screen - Samsung Unveils Largest Video Screen at SoFi Stadium
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Samsung unveils the largest video screen at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles California. It is one of the most expensive sports stadiums ever built and will have the Infinity Screen – the largest video screen ever built hung in the center at SoFi Stadium. 

The Infinity Screen by Samsung is the first and the only 4K end-to-end video in production and features the most LEDs ever used in a sports or entertainment venue. It will be placed 122 feet above the playing field and the 70,000 square-foot oval display features approximately 80 million pixels.

Each pixel is spaced 8 millimeters from center to center, while each panel can be identically programmed with statistics, live, and/or animated content. It comprises 40 feet or four stories tall panel which is the largest and the smallest being around 20 feet or two stories tall. Due to its unique size and shape, it is wider than the field of play and offers spectators a spectacular view from anywhere in the stadium.

According to Samsung, “Teams on the sidelines and fans in the crowd alike are able to watch 4K instant replays, up-close game action, game stats, interactive updates, and more.”Infinity Screen - Samsung Unveils Largest Video Screen at SoFi Stadium-1

Infinity Screen also features a state-of-the-art audio system with more than 260 individual JBL by Harman speakers embedded into its frame, equivalent to 1,500 home theater systems.

Samsung explaining the making of the monstrous screen added, “By using the measurements from architectural drawings of the stadium and simulating viewing angles on a test screen, Samsung designed the Infinity Screen to ensure that every seat in the stadium offers a great view of the video board.” 

The Korean company said it has additionally outfitted the stadium with more than 2,600 large format displays, ribbon boards – long, thin LED screens mounted on the face of balconies — and audio equipment. Each of these displays at SoFi Stadium utilizes HDR10+ tech.

Los Angeles Rams owner E Stanley Kroenke, has built the SoFi Stadium and is the home of the Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. The stadium will be hosting a range of events in the future including the Super Bowl LVI this month, the College Football Championship Game in 2023, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 2028.

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