Kroger Drone Deliveries in Ohio
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Kroger, one of America’s biggest grocery chains, will start drone deliveries in Ohio this week. Kroger Drone Deliveries in Ohio will commence from near the company’s store in Centerville, Ohio.

According to Kroger, the customer deliveries will commence later this spring, while the second pilot scheduled will launch in summer at a Ralphs store in California.

Drones have been permitted for commercial use for many years but required them to be within the line of sight of the operator. Though there was not much aerial photography involved, it nullified the use of drones for retail delivery.

It was earlier last year FAA approved a commercial drone to operate beyond the operator’s line of sight.

Krogers in a press release said the drones will be provided by Drone Express, a division of Telegrid Technologies. The licensed Drone Express pilots will manage the drones from an on-site trailer with additional off-site monitoring.

It further mentioned each of the drones being capable of lifting about five pounds (2.2 kg) of cargo. This will somewhat restrict the sort of goods customers can order. The retail company will also offer special bundles of useful products to fit within the weight capacity. For example baby care bundle with wipes and formula, s’mores bundle with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.

Customers can get their deliveries within 15 minutes. They don’t have to submit their postal addresses and their orders can be dropped to the set GPS coordinates. This means you can simply order your goods even while you are busy on a picnic at a nearby park. Grab your smartphone, enter your coordinates, and order and the goods will be delivered by drone right where you are.