LaLiga Obtained a Court Order Allowing Them to Block 40 Pirate IPTV Platforms
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Spanish football league LaLiga and Telecoms company Telefonica obtained a court order allowing them to block 40 pirate IPTV or card sharing platforms. This will result in the country’s top ISPs implementing blocks and accepting weekly updates to stop services trying to bypass them.

Spanish broadcaster Telefonica Audiovisual Digital received a court order, after the legal process which started in 2019. Earlier in 2020, the local ISPs were required to block pirate websites and services.

According to the order, Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil, Euskaltel, Lycamobile, and also Telefónica Audiovisual Digital’s own ISP was required to block 44 identified platforms to help prevent live matches from being streamed illegally to the public.

The orders empowered them to implement a so-called “dynamic” blocking. With it the broadcasters were able to update blocking instructions to the ISPs on observing the pirate services taking evasive action.

The New Court Orders for Telefónica and LaLiga
Telefonica has teamed up with subscription platform Movistar+, and the LaLiga football league to provide additional site-blocking options. Additionally asked for ISP blocking measures to block 41 pirate IPTV and card-sharing services that allow matches to be viewed without the company’s consent.

According to CincoDías, the court documents suggest the piracy services are “endowed with great technical resources”. This means simple blocking would not be sufficient to curtail their activities. Hence dynamic injunction was requested, this will allow the broadcasters to update their blocking instructions regularly in response to pirate countermeasures.

Court Order
According to the court order, their request to immediately block the piracy platforms has been accepted. The local ISP such as Vodafone, Orange, MásMóvil (R, Telecable, Euskaltel) Digimóbil, and Telefónica Spain can take adequate action to render the services inaccessible.

Earlier last year the Barcelona court authorized a “dynamic” injunction. This would allow the right holders to advise the ISPs of any new domains or IP addresses used by the pirate sites on a weekly basis, thereby reducing their ability to circumvent restrictions.

Reports suggest football matches were viewed illegally 71 million times in 2020. This shows a decrease in the earlier number of 87 million viewers in 2019 who watch football matches via unlicensed portals.

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