Lamborghini Ravietta - Classic Brutalist Design for Future
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Cesar Olivera’s latest Lamborghini Ravietta concept is a classic brutalist design for the future. The raging-bull Italian luxury car manufacturer is known for its edgiest, most aggressive-looking cars and builds them on the principles of creating automobiles that can dominate with their looks. This often leads them to create aggressive light and shadows, as well as sharp edges reminiscent of a crouching predator.

The Lamborghini Ravetta is different from the earlier breed, the latest design brings brutalist styles to Lamborghini’s automotive design, the Ravetta is a sleek beast that appears elevated to a new level.Lamborghini-Ravietta-Classic-Brutalist-Design-for-Future_7The latest Lamborghini Ravetta design is influenced heavily by the “flat” movement that’s taken the world of logo design by storm. It’s a celebration of some of Lamborghini’s classic cars like the Diablo and Murcielago (those have rotary-phone rims from the Countach), while updating them to come into line with what they see as the future–a whole new set of angles and even thinner headlights than any other car on the market right now.Lamborghini-Ravietta-Classic-Brutalist-Design-for-Future_6Lamborghini-Ravietta-Classic-Brutalist-Design-for-Future_3The Lamborghini Ravetta sports a pair of razor-sharp Y-shaped headlights identical to the Lamborghini Sian and Terzo Millennio, though the headlights blend right into the car’s surface edges and camouflage when switched off and come to life when the car’s started. The taillights on this car can’t be seen. That’s because they’re built into the rear vent slabs, which are located outside of the car’s typical tailfin area.Lamborghini-Ravietta-Classic-Brutalist-Design-for-Future_5Lamborghini-Ravietta-Classic-Brutalist-Design-for-Future_1The new Lamborghini Ravietta, blends with some of the brand’s most classic design details with a chic, clean design and some innovative details like forward-leaning rear-view cameras and an inclining windscreen that extends all the way to the top.The designer of the car in an interview with Carscoops said, “The Ravietta features a simple bone line, or crease, on the body side that goes from the front corner to the rear corner of the car, thus creating a structure on the body. The simple shape of the vehicle is split in half (top to bottom) in a dynamic manner to create a sense of motion, while the red finish on the lower part of the body highlights the stance and the aggressive nature of the design.”Lamborghini-Ravietta-Classic-Brutalist-Design-for-Future_4

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