Locate Hidden AirTags Easily thanks to Louder Alert Sounds
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It is now going to be easier to locate hidden AirTags thanks to the louder alert sounds. 

Apple earlier in February announced some changes that would make it easy to locate, after receiving complaints of threat actors misusing it to stalk people. 

According to MacRumors report, Apple has not introduced these changes along with the latest firmware update for AirTags.

The release notes published by Apple suggest it will tune the unwanted tracking sound to more easily locate an unknown AirTag.  The company will be gradually making the feature available on a staggered basis. 

Only one percent of Apple users have received the update, after it was released on Tuesday. It expects to deliver it to 10% users by May 3rd, 25% May 9th and finish rolling it out completely by May 13th.

Earlier there have been 50 cases of women complaining of getting notifications or hearing alerts revealing someone was tracking them with an AirTag. The number of such cases was not large, though there was a growth in the number of such cases. Many found the device susceptible to creepy characters. Thanks to Apple anti-stalking features included that warns people it’s a crime to use the device to track people. The upcoming iPhones will be loaded with precision finding technology that will enable them to display the direction and distance of an unknown AirTag.

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