Man Arrested on Suspicion of Using Remote Access Trojans
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A 28-year-old man from Lelystad, Netherlands was arrested by the police on suspicion of using Remote Access Trojans.

The man is suspected of using RAT to gain access to the victim’s computers. The police carried out the search operation in two homes and a commercial building. They managed to seize administration, data carriers, and two cars from the premises.

What is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)?

A Remote Access Trojan is malicious software that can allow cybercriminals to gain full control of a victim’s computer. Once they gain access to the computers they can easily collect information stored or processed by the system. This enables them to steal the victim’s personal information, get rid of documents, transfer money or gain access to private photos that can be edited, and also demand ransom for restoring this information. Further, the infiltrators of the system can take control of the system without getting detected, enabling them to further exploit the system by installing it in a botnet.

A police investigation found the 28-year-old man a major user of such malware. Earlier in a crackdown on RAT malware incident, the Australian Federal Policeinter carried out search operations on the users and sellers of IM-RAT malware. They also took down the websites on which the malware was offered.

The identity of the man is not yet known but is seen as a major user of RAT. He will be transferred to the police station where the further investigation will be carried out into the seized goods.

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