McDonald's Customers Find Some Hope Using the McFlurry Machine 
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McDonald Customers get some hope using the McFlurry machine, an ice cream machine. It has been a common sight when you walk into McDonald’s and the ice cream machine is out of order. 

Many customers have witnessed the McFlurry Machine break down too often. Either it is too difficult to clean or perhaps the so called harassed employees simply don’t clean them and shut them down instead. Additionally there is an app that And there’s an app that keeps ribbing McDonald’s about the whole thing.

According to  McBroken, nearly 24.49% of the McDonald’s ice cream machines in New York aren’t working. Its sufficient enough to explain why the business is terrible this quarter. 

Kytch was suing McDonald’s for not doing enough to maintain these machines, instead offloading a service contract to the Taylor Company. The vendor appears to be McDonald’s commercial kitchen provider.

According to Kytch they offer a simple, inexpensive solution called the Kytch Solution. It ensures the ice cream machines work efficiently.

The technical explanation given by Kytch’s lawyers stated,  “The Kytch Solution retrieves data from McDonald’s soft-serve machines, displays it on Kytch’s user-friendly interface, and adjusts settings hidden deep in the machines, which can prevent outages before the machines can detect an error.”

Additionally, Kytch filed a restraining order against Taylor Company, who actually make and maintain the machine. Kytch claimed, Taylor created similar devices of its own which even revealed their trade secrets

Motherboard in a report stated, a judge has now allowed Kytch’s restraining order — filed a year ago — to go ahead.

Currently in Kytch’s lawsuit against McDonald’s, the latter declared: “McDonald’s owes it to our customers, crew, and franchisees to maintain our rigorous safety standards and work with fully vetted suppliers in that pursuit.”

Let’s hope from now on all customers get  McFlurry when they crave for one.

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