Microlino Electric Micro-Car Launched
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Micro Mobility Systems AG rolls out the Microlino electric microcar for its early backers. Two variants were launched by the company at the Paris Motor Show. The latest micro electric cars Microlite variant will target the fun-loving younger drivers, while the Spiaggina Concept keeps holiday hotspots in mind.Microlino Electric Micro-Car Launched_1 The first Isetta-inspired Microlino EV prototype was released in 2018, but production was halted when the design underwent a retro-modern redesign and reached 999 Pioneer Series models. Now that the latter number is nearly fulfilled and some of the first consumers to purchase a Microlino EV have been renowned CEOs, including Gucci’s Marco Bizzarri and Zurich restaurateur Michel Péclard.Microlino Electric Micro-Car Launched_2The company has designed Microlino to be the world’s smallest electric car. Not only does it have a sleek and futuristic design, but it will also drive out as an L6e classification under the EU regulations. That means you won’t need a license to drive it- so get ready to take over the streets of your city!Microlino Electric Micro-Car Launched_3” The Microlino Lite is for those who want to make it easier for people around the world who are incapable of getting a license,” said Oliver Ouboter, one of the company’s founders. “There are more and more people without a driving license that still want to travel and enjoy protected comfort.”Microlino Electric Micro-Car Launched_4Although it’s less capable than its siblings, the new Microlino can still open from the front, hold two people, and has a trunk that can hold cargo. It also sports many features of other Microlinos, such as headlights/side mirrors and excellent maneuverability. It comes in a glossy black trim with a black bumper, as well as a new color scheme.

The Spiaggina Concept is classified as L7e and appears to be a design overhaul inspired by small cars from the 1960s, such as the Fiat 600 Jolly and the Citroën Mehari.

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