Microsoft Edge Latest Feature
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Traditionally Mac users have been using Safari browser, maybe a few even worked with Firefox or Google Chrome. But Microsoft Edge Latest feature makes it the best browser on Mac.

Microsoft has released a new version of Edge browser for macOS. As we all know the Edge browser uses the open-source Chromium platform and is the default browser on Windows 10. The latest Edge released version 89 addresses the long-trialed vertical tabs feature to Mac for the first time.

While you are working with too many tabs open on your MacBook each gets narrower and narrower as you open more and more. Eventually, you are not able to make out the titles for each page, somehow manage to see the icons and it’s not easy finding the specific tab.

Though when you arrange the tabs horizontally you are able to view them easily. But you would be better off pinning them rather than collapsing the left column to show only the pages icon. This works particularly well if you are using a MacBook Pro or Air with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Certainly, a feature that will make you use Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome. Google Chrome was launched back in 2000 for Windows and was taunted as a leaner alternative to Firefox. Firefox was an alternative for Internet Explorer in those days. But now the tables seem to have been turned and Microsoft Edge with this latest sleep tab feature has turned out to be better.