Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion
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Moonbirds, a collection of 10,000 owl avatars founder Kevin Rose, buy a $16 million mansion in LA. 

The Ethereum-based project Moonbirds launched earlier this year instantly sold out, generating revenues of $445 million and swooping nearly $50 million in a Series A funding round led by venture capital behemoth Andreessen Horowitz.Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion_1Kevin Rose 45-year-old tech entrepreneur from California was noticed for his popular Digg website. Diggs’s success and other projects transformed him into a venture capitalist. After this, he became an early investor in major tech companies such as Twitter, Zynga, Square, and many more. Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion_2Earlier in 2020, he completed the construction of a very glassy custom home. But since the success of Moonbirds and his Proof web3 umbrella company he has shifted focus on an unfinished estate in prime Brentwood Park, one of L.A.’s most expensive neighborhoods. Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion_3He has spent nearly $16.5 million on a half-acre lot, the long and very L-shaped house is still midway through construction, and will probably move here by next year. Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion_4Sources suggest the house will offer walls of glass overlooking grassy lawns, plus six bedrooms and 8.5 baths in 7,600 square feet of living space.
Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion_5The latest hangout is custom-built to his specifications and located in the unincorporated Dunthorpe neighborhood. In this modern, five-bedroom home, the soaring ceilings and expansive windows allow for pleasing natural vistas.Moonbirds-NFT-Founder-Buys-16-Million-LA-Mansion_6The amenities within the nearly 7,000-square-foot Oregon home (below) are not limited to a “secret” wet bar, gym with sauna, and wine cellar. You’ll also find clean glass windows and a top-of-the-line security system, as well as a three-car garage with an EV charger. The house has been on the market since July and has sold for $7.9 million so far.Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion_7Renders suggest the property will also include a three-car garage, grassy lawns, and an outdoor pool, plus walls of glass throughout the structure. While Rose still owns the $4.5 million residence on Oregon’s scenic Oswego Lake.Moonbirds NFT Founder Buys $16 Million LA Mansion_8

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