Netgear Linksys D-Link and more Routers Are Vulnerable to Malware Attacks
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Many of us may not be aware that Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, and many more routers are vulnerable to malware attacks. Routers are an important piece of tech in our lives though we never realize how important it is to keep them secure. 

According to security researchers, a new malware attack dubbed BotenaGo is targeting millions of popular routers. The vulnerability in the router is exploited by malware or an attack from hackers. 

BotenaGo is targeting millions of popular routers such as Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, and many more. We have made a list of routers vulnerable to malware, you can follow the steps mentioned to keep yourself secure and safe from malware attacks. 

List of Routers Affected:

  • DrayTek Vigor2960
  • D-Link DIR-645 Wired/Wireless Router
  • Netgear WN604, WNAP210v2, WNAP320, WNDAP350, WNDAP360, and WNDAP660
  • Netgear R6250 and DGN2200
  • GPON home routers
  • Linksys X3000
  • D-Link DIR-610
  • Comtrend VR-3033
  • Tenda AC15 AC1900
  • ZTE F460 and F660

About BotenaGo Malware 

BotenaGo malware creates a backdoor on the router and waits patiently to attack. It has been designed to exploit as many as 33 vulnerabilities across various router brands and IoT devices. 

The malware remains active on the router and moves into action once port 19412 is used. It later infiltrates the networks and steals personal information.

Bad actors can also use the IoT devices infected with BotenaGo to launch botnet attacks against websites or as delivery systems for spam emails. Additionally, hackers can also use it to change the payload and use BotenaGo for other nefarious purposes in the future.

AT&T’s Alien Labs in a blog post mentioned, “The malware is part of a “malware suite” and BotenaGo is only one module of infection in an attack. In this case, there should be another module either operating BotenaGo (by sending targets) or just updating the C&C with a new victim’s IP.”

In a blog post, AT&T’s Alien Labs explained that BotenaGo is only one part of a much larger “malware suite” and is just a module in the infection of machines.

How to Protect Your Router from Malware?

  • Updated your with the latest firmware
  • Ensure your device’s operating systems and apps are updated.

The process of securing your router may differ depending on the make and model. The dashboard may look a bit different but in general, the steps should be similar. 

  • Log into the main administrator page. 
  • This requires the IP address used by your router and the admin password. You will find these in the user guide for your router brand. There are a few sites that can also help you figure out. 
  • Enter the username and password, you will see the main dashboard. 
  • Look for an option called Advanced or Management.
  • To update the router, look for Firmware Update, System Update, or Downloads.
  • Clicking this will automatically download the latest firmware update.
  • Restart the router to automatically download new firmware versions as they become available.
  • The next step would be to install reliable antivirus software on all your devices. You can go ahead and install Bitdefender Total Security 2022, McAfee Total Protection 2022, and more to 

Don’t forget to leave your comment in the section below, also tell us about any other problems you have faced with routers or better antivirus software you know about. 

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