New Intel Processor will make you Forget Celeron and Pentium Processors
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New Intel Processor, will be an introduction to the family of new Intel baseline CPUs. It will help Intel simplify its branding. Low end CPUs for laptops using Pentium and Celeron brands will be retired at the start of next year.

The newest member of Intel’s baseline CPUs called Intel Processor will replace the veteran brands like Celeron and Pentium which happen to be around since the nineties. 

This means budget chips will be called Intel Processor, the mainstream offering will continue ass Intel Core while the Intel vPro will prosper as the pro targeted CPUs. While the Intel Evo certification will remain as a guide to quality in the laptop world.

Intel has plans to ditch the Pentium and Celeron brands starting Q1 of 2023, this means they will hang around for a bit after next year kicks off.

Intel will be taking this step to streamline its brand offerings for the PC, and make it easy for customers to recognize the value proposition of these CPUs at a glance.

Eliminate Confusion around Processors
This move by Intel will eliminate the confusion around Processors making it more simple for less techy folks. 

Unsure about what kind of silicon will be found in Intel products, but it is not expected to be a high-end product. The current offerings and future roadmap will stay the same, with lower-end items as a result.

Aside from laptop chips, two desktop Celerons (and no Pentiums) have been released in recent times. You may also run into a few problems with the rebranding.

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