NFT Artist Diana Sinclair Signs With UTA
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Diana Sinclair, a visual artist in the Web3 space,signs with UTA and is set to auction off nine of her NFTs at Christie’s beginning this week.

Fortune recognized 18-year-old Sinclair on their list of top 50 influential people in the NFT space. Her work focuses on themes like self-identity and social justice, and she is the curator behind Digital Diaspora, a Juneteenth exhibition that highlights the work of Black artists and creatives in the NFT community.

Because the digital video created by Sinclair incorporated rare photos from Whitney Houston’s past, it sold for $1 million.

Beginning on Wednesday, an artist will be debuting a collection on the blockchain that can be auctioned in Christie’s Rockefeller Center galleries. The work is being created and minted specifically for The 3.0 Christie’s platform- a blockchain revolution that specializes in new technology and NFT sales

“Diana Sinclair is a visionary and we are so excited to partner with her on this next phase of her career,” Silverman said. “Diana’s boundary-pushing translation of the medium of digital art, along with her dedication to creating new lanes for underrepresented artists, made her a brilliant choice for the launch of the new Christie’s 3.0 platform, which will bring her fresh and thoughtful perspective to a global audience.”

Sinclair has been hired by the University of Texas at Arlington to join a team of digital artists and their NFT collections. You might be familiar with these people, CryptoPunks and Deadfellaz as well as Emonee LaRussa, Vinnie Hager, and Andrew Wang.

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