NFT Bay Is Offering Thousands Of Images From Pricey NFTs For Free 
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NFT Bay is offering thousands of Images from pricey NFTs for free under a project called Art Project.  Geoff Huntley, an Australian software developer, has collected all images associated with NFTs minted on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. These can be accessed on the NFT Bay, a website modeled on the infamous Pirate Bay peer-to-peer search service.

According to Huntley, the effort is compiled into a 17-terabyte “billion-dollar torrent.”

Since the vast sums of money people have spent to acquire ownership of the pictures within it — images that anyone can copy perfectly and effortlessly from the web.

He further points out that images associated with NFT property rights are typically not themselves hosted on the blockchain. While the NFT asset is merely instructions on where to download an image.

Though the NFT enthusiasts share a different point of view, as they believe the unique blockchain identifier is tied with an image — such as those from popular series like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Lazy Lions, or CryptoPunks — makes each one of them scarce and valuable.

Critics have earlier warned about how digital assets are perfectly reproducible and therefore easy to pirate. Huntley has just done that and they have taken up the symbol of right-clicking on a mouse to signify their disapproval.

The users can right-click which leads them to a menu that allows users to simply save a copy of any NFT image. This has proved to be an inspiration for another piece of NFT-skeptical artwork a week ago, where the 10000 Lazy Lions images were taken by a person and turned into a representation of a hand right-clicking a mouse.

The current events have led to a controversy over the real value of NFTs. While some suggest the negative publicity is also offering a positive for the novel asset category by giving it more exposure.

Huntley feels the real long-term value of NFTs is in authentication, something similar to Twitter’s blue verification checkmark, though this can be achieved without blockchain.

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