Nothing Phone - Android Version Surprisingly Good
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Nothing Phone has come up with an Android version which is surprisingly good. You can download this early version of the software and play around with it. 

The latest Nothing Phone Android Version is suitable for users of Samsung Galaxy S21 or Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones, Google Pixel 5 or Pixel 6. The offering is a beta version and comes with a few features and tools.

Noting Phone in a blog post mentioned its plans to launch phone (1), its first and highly anticipated smartphone product. The company will be coming with this phone sometime between June and September,  at an event called The Truth.  The smartphone was teased at the event with a promise to launch the software soon, though no specific dates were mentioned. 

About Nothing Launcher
Nothing Launcher brings three key features onto your phone. Don’t expect much as this is a beta version. It looks identical to stock Android. 

  • Nothing-themed widgets – Weather and two clocks (digital and analog). Both the widgets have a spotty retro look, while the analog clock is a little more typical.
  • Nothing wallpaper – You can change the color of it if you want, but this only changes the text color.
  • You can choose to enlarge app and folder icons. Will make it easy to access as you can easily slam your thumb on one part of the screen and be sure to hit the app. A feature useful for accessibility, for seniors or people with physical disabilities who struggle to tap really small icons.

Nothing Launcher (beta) will be the first version of the Nothing Phone operating system. We definitely expect new versions before Nothing Phone (1) launches with bigger updates. What we see now is pretty impressive. 

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