PGA Tour Announces NFT Partnership and Distribute Revenue With The Players
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PGA Tour on Monday, officially announced its NFT partnership with Autograph, a NFT company. With plans to launch a digital collectible platform early next year and distribute the revenue from it amongst its member players. 

The price of these tokens is still unknown, but they will be sold on a new platform. These new tokens work by combining archive video and advanced shot data.

After reviewing the different bids, the company chose Autograph, co-founded by Tom Brady. He also has partnered with Tiger Woods and many others. 

PGA Tour VP, media business development Chris Wandell said in an interview said, We spent weeks on the road talking to agents, players, and other executives to discuss our services and tell them how they could see value. 

The vast majority of players are positive about the program, and will benefit from it financially. Certain high ranked players were given guarantees for future payments, but all of them benefit from the successful sales of player NFTs.

“We want players to help us market our unique NFTs by purchasing them. You might be rewarded for your participation” – Ryan Wandell.

The PGA Tournaments Tour increased their payouts by $60 million to currently have a total of $427 million. They also have an extra pot set aside as a reward.

Phil Mickelson has been interviewed about his position on the tour’s lack of use of digital content. He’s called out the fact that they are not using NFTs to generate revenue on behalf of the players who actually worked hard to create those moments.

A company called Sorare is building a fantasy NFT platform for the PGA Tour.

Autograph’s $750 season ticket NFTs come with in-person events and online content. The company is set to hire a point person to handle this new project, which will launch later this month.

Many people that are huge fans of hockey or their favorite show or movie want to spend time signifying themselves as a fan. Autograph is an interactive platform that rewards fans who are invested in something by helping them easily create content related to it.

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