Rakuten Starts Paid Drone Deliveries to Remote Islands
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Rakuten starts paid drone deliveries to remote islands. In an announcement on Thursday, Rakuten announced the launch of a drone delivery service in Shima City, Mie Prefecture.

It will be a paid drone delivery service, where supermarket products will be delivered by small drones to support shopping by residents of remote islands.

The prefecture will provide up to 6 million yen in subsidies to support the government. The service will be the first of its kind in Japan to provide service to the residents of remote islands by drone.

Under the partnership of Rakuten and the prefecture, the drones will fly autonomously for around 11 kilometers round trip between the park adjacent to the supermarket in Aji-cho, Shima City, and the meeting place in Hamasakijima (the city).

The islanders will be able to order products from the supermarkets via smartphone apps and tablets installed in meeting places. They will have to pay a fee which also includes the shipping fee 500 yen in cash or cashless payment.

Source: KYODO

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