Republican Governors Association Mail Server Breached by State Hackers
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Republican Governors Association mail server breached by state hackers, the revelation was made in a letter sent last week.

The breach occurred during an extensive Microsoft Exchange hacking campaign that hit organizations worldwide in March 2021.

According to RGA, no personal information was impacted by the incident, though it will make a thorough data mining effort to identify potentially impacted individuals. Further investigations revealed names, Social Security numbers, and payment card information was exposed in the attack.

According to RGA the individuals affected by the data breach exposed their personal information on June 24, while its data mining efforts completed on September 1.

RGA informed all the impacted individuals in a breach letter sent on September 15 that, “Once potentially impacted individuals were identified, RGA worked to identify addresses and engage a vendor to provide call center, notification, and credit monitoring services,”

RGA will be offering all the impacted individuals 2 years of complimentary credit monitoring and identity restoration services with Experian. FBI and the consumer reporting agencies have also been informed about the incident by RGA.

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