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If you have always wanted to run your Android apps on Linux desktop, now you will get a step closer with a new open source project called ‘SPURV’

Collabora, a UK-based open-source software consultancy and development outfit mentioned in a blog post about SPURV. The experimental new project ‘SPURV’ is a containerized Android environment that can run Android Apps on your regular desktop Linux apps under Wayland.

We are already running some amazing native apps, software, and games on Linux. The integration of SPURV will enable us to enjoy our Android apps on the Ubuntu desktop in windowed mode.

What is SPURV?

SPURV is somewhat similar to Bluestacks an emulator that allows you to run Android apps on Windows desktops in ‘windowed’ mode. It creates a virtual Android device on your Linux system, Android apps are installed and run through this layer.

SPURV is a new open-source initiative out of Collabora for “running Android next to Wayland” with the Android app windows being rendered alongside Wayland Linux applications and having full 3D acceleration support.

SPURV is a containerized Android environment that provides an Android target device, an Android HAL to ALSA audio stack, SPURV HWComposer to integrate Android windows into Wayland, SPURV DHCP to allow containerized network support, and related code to connect these different components together.

SPURV is a collection of tools that you need to set up as an Android container, it cannot be simply downloaded and installed right now. Android apps can be installed inside these Android containers and run the apps on a Wayland Linux desktop.

You can technically allow Android apps to leverage hardware features of the underlying Linux system, such as the audio, network, and graphics stacks, this can be seen in the diagram below.spurv android wayland

The drawback to SPURV is the fact that you are running a full Android system on top of a full Linux system. Which means it is more of a virtualized or emulated experience.

It is early days for SPURV as the project has just been publicly announced. Right now there is no packaged Flatpak or runtime to download and install on your system.

You can learn more about SPURV on the project’s Gitlab page and also find source code and guide for setting up things.

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