Samsung is Exploring NFT Support On New TVs
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Samsung is exploring NFT support on new TVs with a new feature that will have Web3.0. NFT engagement is quickly catching up in 2022 with major brands, creators, and traditional entertainment megaliths. Samsung will lead the way by integrating NFT support on its smart TV products starting this year. 

Samsung will showcase its smart TV products at the electronic conference CES 2022. Below is the screenshot of which teases the NFT integration released by Samsung. Samsung Screen-ShotA Samsung correspondent in a press release said, “With demand for NFTs on the rise, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and purchasing landscape has never been greater. In 2022, Samsung is introducing the world’s first TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator, a groundbreaking platform that lets you browse, purchase, and display your favorite art — all in one place.”

The latest feature will allow consumers to browse NFT markets and also connect their personal wallets to display their own NFTs. Early reports suggest the TV may also have buy and sell support integrated with it. Additionally, Samsung’s latest TV on offer will feature cloud gaming and video chat support.

The introduction of Samsung’s latest TV will revolutionize the TV market as it has gone untouched when it comes to crypto and blockchain. Earlier in 2021, the company tried its hand to integrate Ledger support across many of its Galaxy smartphones. 

We could see other TV manufacturers catching up with Samsung in the future, perhaps streaming services like Roku and Amazon Fire TV as well. The future looks bright for NFT owners as they can enjoy their TV along with NFT details at their fingertips. 

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