Several Ukraine Ministry Websites Struck by Cyberattack
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According to Bloomberg, several Ukraine ministry websites are struck by a cyberattack. The cyberattack has resulted in the number of websites of Ukraine’s foreign, agriculture and education ministries being down while some of the content of the website has been replaced with messages in Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian.

The messages read as, “Ukrainians! All your personal data has been uploaded to the public network. All data on your computer is being erased and won’t be recoverable. All information about you has become public, fear and expect the worst.”

A spokesperson for Foreign Ministry in a tweet said the websites were down due to a massive hack and the authorities were working to restore services. 

While the ruble traded 0.2% stronger against the dollar as of 8:58 a.m. in Moscow, it declined sharply since October 2020 on Thursday after a senior Russian diplomat said Moscow’s demands for security guarantees from the U.S. and its allies had hit “a dead end.”

The incident comes after talks between the US, its allies, and Russia failed to reach a breakthrough with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine. Though Putin has amassed troops on the border and demanded security guarantees from the US and its European allies there are no plans to invade the country. 

To counter potential Russian aggression, the US and its allies are working on preparing a package of sanctions.

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