Slack Announces New Automation Features
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Slack announces new automation features, this includes conditional logic for workflows, to remain competitive among the growing number of workplace chat apps. 

They’ve created a “Workflow Builder tool” last year, and it’s now been updated. It includes way in which you can send workflows to other Slack users and make use of “If-Then” statements with your actions

Slack, a popular team communications app, has increased their use of automation to help with complex tasks. Slack is not the only company that has seen the rise in popularity of no-code development tools and the increase of people building apps and pipelines without programming skills. Nearly 60% of all custom apps are either built by employees or by third party developers outside the IT department for companies such as Slack.

Slack representatives believe that low-code and no-code automation is the key to simplifying work. 80% of Slack’s Workflow Builder has been used by nontechnical users, so it is fulfilling its function for both skilled and unskilled workers.

Soon, users will be able to post workflows in Slack channels via copying and pasting their hyperlink, without the inconvenience of navigating through cumbersome apps. The user can preview and react to the workflow by clicking on the link.

With the release of Workflow Builder’s conditional logic, managers can now approve or deny expense reports and send messages directly to the report writer. Previously, this would have required constructing separate workflows for approval/denial as well as follow up messages.

Slack will start to include new tasks in their workflow builder, including creating channels and setting up alerts.

Slack is driving productivity with workflow builder. Wood said, “we have an exciting opportunity to apply automation in a way that improves efficiency and productivity while making work more pleasant and productive for everyone.” Slack is looking at the future of automation and its relation to business in a new way.

Slack’s founder, Stewart Butterfield, has refused to divulge specifics on the company’s revenue. He did confirm that Slack is always seeking new partners and channels to grow their platform.

“This partnership is going to bring together the power of Slack bot automation and Salesforce CRM systems. For example, a customer can use Workflow Builder in Slack to automate their processes.”

Workflow Builder has been expanding its use across Salesforce products, including the Salesforce Platform for Slack.

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